Darwinian Dating Advice: The Alpha Vs The Nice Guy

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Even if women wanted to be with the nice guy they really don’t have any choice when it comes to attraction.

If you’re the nutless apologetic type that is always trying to please a women your going to want to take a look at your current dating success.

Hows it going for you? Let me guess – terribly?

You might have a bunch of friends that are girls, but no girls that are dying to jump in the sack with you …by Ton Haex

Women are looking for the protector and provider. This is becoming difficult to see in the ever-changing and technologically advanced world we live in but attraction is still being driven by the same part of the brain.

Metaphors for being able to provide and protect have evolved over time BUT our need has not. You know longer need to be able to fight for mating rights…

but that doesn’t mean a muscular body is not attractive…

You still need to be able to provide adequate food and shelter for your “tribe” which in today’s economy equates to financial security of some sort… hence men with money are attractive.

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Now money is a funny old thing – because it’s a recent invention of man (relatively speaking) and can get a little confusing when your talking about attracting women. The money itself is not attractive to girls it’s YOUR ability to use it to be powerful and protective.

Of course you can be powerful and protective without money it just becomes harder and harder to do so.

A women can get a ton of attention from a guy and not want to date him (even if he is attractive and has money)… Confusing right?

Women are attracted to masculinity… Just like we are attracted to femininity.

So how does a masculine man act?

Have you noticed that the “nice guy” never really knows what he wants to do with his life? He is “nice” but that’s about all he has going for him… He is nice to be around and is nice company but he is not GREAT company and the life of the party – he doesn’t control conversation or make important decisions because he is just the nice guy.

Well masculine men that attract beautiful women are NOT nice guys – they might be nice to their aunts and parents but when it comes to competition and women they are know what they want.

Nice guys have no clue – they are hesitant and often a little scared (typically)

They might end up with a “nice” below average looking girl that has no clue what she wants out of life either.


Masculine men act a certain way: even if you are not the man you want to be yet there is still time and ANY guy can be the dominant male… you just have to set up some good routines.

Physical exercise every day (50 push ups)
Teasing girls in a cocky funny somewhat arrogant manner
Masculine dominant men are in control of their “destiny” because they pursue written goals every day without fail.

They have the confidence to do what they want despite fear

They do not give up their power to women (who are constantly testing you to see if you will)

How quickly do you give up your power? How easily do you allow women to take control of a situation? Do you stand back and let things happen?

If you don’t feel comfortable taking control that’s o.k. – you are just trying to control something that is out of your control OR you don’t feel confident with it.

Find a niche or task you love doing and you will feel confident taking charge of. Be around friends that give you strength and confidence.

Being less WUSSY and more ALPHA does not mean you become a jerk.. It means you become more of YOU.

You may think I’m talking B.S right now but you will know what I am talking about once you feel it. It’s a centralized source sense of power that will get you laid time and time again.

Before you get into this – make sure you have your values straight. You still believe in justice and goodwill and being fair – but you know simply have the confidence to go out and GET what you want.